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Before You Go

Summer time (June throught August) in Talkeetna is extremely popular with a wide variety of activities to enjoy.  The following items you should consider bringing to ensure an enjoyable trip:

  • Mosquito repellant
  • Rain jacket/windbreaker or sweater
  • Hat & sunglasses
  • Comfortable & waterproof hiking-style shoes
  • Eyeshades for sleeping (esp. April through August. Alaska's called "Land of the Midnight Sun" for a reason!)

For additional tips during all seasons, please visit Talkeetna Travel's FAQ.


Bear Safety


Some helpful tips on how to conduct yourself in the wilderness:

  • Never leave food, fish, oil or garbage where bears can get it.
  • Respect wildlife: Keep your distance. Never feed animals. When fishing, yield to bears.
  • Avoid surprises: Make noises when hiking. Voices and clapping are best.
  • If you encounter a bear, raise your hands and talk loudly. Slowly back away.
  • Pack out all trash and leftover food.
  • Please stay on designated trails to avoid trespassing.

More about bear safety HERE.

Moose Safety


The Alaska Highway Safety Office offers the following tips to help avoid a deadly confrentation with moose:

  • Never feed a moose & get between a cow and her calf.
  • Give moose at least 50 feet. If it doesn't yield as you approach, give it the trail.
  • If a moose lays its ears back or its hackles (the hairs on its hump) rise, it's angry or afraid and may charge.
  • Moose kick with their front as well as hind feet so we suggest not confronting them directly.
  • Don't corner moose into fences or houses.
  • If a moose charges, there are few options available to you but it has been suggested by many others to simply get behind a tree. A theory stands that you can run around the trunk faster than the gangly moose.

More about moose safety HERE.

Hale Kolea Cabin

East Talkeetna
South H Street
Talkeetna AK 99676
Alaska Business License #976961 Mat-Su Borough Business License #23383

Proud member of Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce since 2012

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