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Richard & Kalani at Chena Hot Spring's Ice Bar

Hale Kolea (Ha-lay Co-lay-ah) Cabin is a labor of love project by owner, Richard Cheney (no, not that guy!) and his partner, Kalani Chong. Richard, a graduate of University of Michigan, grew up in Williamston, Michigan & has been a Hawaii resident (kama'aina) for over 35 years. Richard is a 12-time Honolulu Marathon & 3-time Iron Man finisher. His partner Kalani is a Native Hawaiian whose lineage can be traced back to Hawaii's Princess Ka'iulani. Kalani enjoys traveling to UNESCO World Heritage Sites & collecting vinyl records as art. Both currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii and work in the health care industry. 

Richard & Kalani unknowingly fell in love with Talkeetna while on a March 2012 winter vacation that began with Anchorage, then Fairbanks and eventually ended with a picturesque Aurora train ride to the charming town of Talkeetna. One night's stay in Trapper John's Cabin is all it took to launch research of available real estate that quickly led to groundbreaking four months later on July 3, 2012

For the past few years, a kolea bird appeared every August at Richard & Kalani's residence in Honolulu, Hawaii. Every day, this kolea bird (now named Makani or "wind" in Hawaiian) could be seen grazing the grassy parts of their property for an insatiable appetite of insects, all while enjoying the warm Hawaiian sun. Every April, their bird Makani would vanish and heed its migratory call to flock north to Alaska. This miracle instinct fittingly inspired the cabin's name, Hale Kolea (Hawaiian for "Kolea House").

We sincerely appreciate your interest in making Hale Kolea Cabin a part of your next Alaska adventure! 

Mahalo (thank you) and happy travels!



Hawaii-Alaska Connections

Kolea annual migration

A multitude of connections, both natural and cultural, exist between Hawaii and Alaska. Perhaps being the last two states of the Union and detatched from the continental U.S., both have adopted singular status as unique destinations better defined by their isolated beauty and culture than by their collective association with America.

Whether it is humpback whales migrating between the two states or winter-fleeing Alaskans seeking the warm Hawaiian sun, surf and balmy tradewinds, the connection always existed. Apparently for the kolea bird, this has been the case for at least 120,000 years! For those of you who find these facts as facinating as we do, the following links about the kolea bird (& more) willl certainly deepen your curiosity: 


Kolea Creed

"...it's in my blood, bones & feathers"

Kolea is my name and I am a golden plover. I make the long journey from Alaska to Hawaii, over the ocean, soaring above the mountain ranges, direct flight, no stops. Strong and sleek are my wings and I know the way straight and sure. My wings cut through the air like a sharp blade and I dip and turn to navigate the currents of air...like breathing. 

The ocean below with caps of white is enormous from my viewpoint. Miles and miles of wetness are below me as I make my way south to warm weather. The sky is broad and open, constantly changing as the sun rises and sets. Clouds float below and look like a place to land...but not for me.

I have made this journey a few times before and do it because it is part of who I am. I do it without question because this is what I am made to do...it's in my blood, bones and feathers. The destination is in sight...Hawaii. I can see the edge of the land that my heart knows. This is where I will land. It is my place.


Hale Kolea Cabin

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